Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Does Sarah Palin Come Off Intelligent?

Well if you've listened to the mainstream media
lately she sure doesn't seem to. a way I'm just like Sarah Palin.

And whether you love Sarah or hate her
there's one way that you need to be just like
her too!

Don't worry it's a simple explaination, and by
the end of this email, I'm sure you'll see why
this is critically important to the success of
your future.

Sarah Palin was just a basic middle class
mom that simply grew tired of the way
the school board was handling matters. And
since she had several kids in school ... she
knew she did not want things to continue
"as is".

Now Sarah had 2 choices:

1. Go complain to the school board.

2. Take action and take charge for change.

Sarah Palin chose to take the less travelled
path and decided to take action for the
improvements that she wanted in the school

And since taking that 1 action, making that
1 decision that she would not stand idly by
and let others control her situation, she got
herself elected to the school board.

Smart move.

Then she went on to become the mayor and
then the governor of Alaska ...pretty impressive
stuff I think.

But look where it all started ... with one
decision to take action!

And this is where Sarah Palin and I are the

You see, I was fed up with the rat race of
the corporate life and I was tired of not being
home with my kids.

So I made 1 decision and took 1 action that
changed my life forever.

I decided that I wanted to work from home
and be there to put my kids onto the school
bus and be there when they got off the school

I decided that dinner together as a family was
more important than some "corporate planning
session" meeting in LA ...

...that skiing with my kids was a priority I would
no longer miss

...that Disney World would be on my calendar
each year

I made the decision that I would quit my job
and work from home ...and then I took action
to make this happen.

While I had to put time and effort into making
this all work out for me ...I found the hardest
part was actually the 1st part where I decided
to take action.

Because once I made my mind up to take action
the rest became so much easier. I was no longer
thinking about what I should do ...I was 100%
focused on how to make it happen.

So now I want you to make the same decision for
yourself take action and decide what vacations
you'll take decide when you'll work and how
much you'll make stop working to make
others rich while you struggle.

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Here's to being like Sarah!


P.S. I'll be gone for a week starting Nov 8th
soaking up the sun and making every excuse I can
not to go on the "The Indiana Jones Ride" with my kids.

Take Action Now - See My #1 Winner

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